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Caduceus, here I come!

My last post – the part about “my need to give the gifts I bear may be as great as your need to receive them” – created some emotional disturbance. I ask myself: what kind of mental construction forbids me to express a need, let alone, to be aware of it or even have it?

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Needy & Needy

Today, I am sending you, World, the expression of my deep gratitude as a blessing and a healing force… Yep, expression prevails in “my” experience, whether through colors or words, and more often through both… The thing is: since there is only One of us, what is true for me is likely to be true

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Foolish? Did you say “foolish?”

Wow: what a Fool’s day that was… It started with getting some bodywork, as I had done something to my back. I explained the therapist where I needed help, and laid down on the table. At some point, he worked on my foot for what felt like forever. During that time, a little war was

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Today the Moon, wanting to share the gift of her own fullness, whispered in my ear: “A long time ago, out of being Full, I moved Babylonian moon goddess Ishtar to be menstruating. That led to remember the Sabattu as the day of goddess blood, or the 7th “evil day” of Ishtar. However, when  Sumerian

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Green “heART”

  Once upon a time, a little mouse drew something unexpected. “What is it?” asked mother mouse. Little mouse answered: “It is a three-leave clover turning into FOUR. One leaf is for the Father, one for the Son, one for the Holy Ghost…” Clearly, that was a very knowledgeable little mouse… “But,” said the mother

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Everything eventually comes to its conclusion; and so it is with my trip to France, my “return to LOVE.” I am still integrating all the gifts of what was a rich journey, that offered plenty of opportunities for an increase in Self-knowledge. One focus was certainly transformation, as the first anniversary of my mother’s passing was

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Tradition. I can remember a time, when, no matter what I asked, the answer was always: “It is because it’s the Law!” Asking “why” was held to be the epitome of rebelliousness — the most wicked act that a child could commit against an all-loving father… None of the religious stuff made any sense to

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Servant Leader

Truly, my cup overrunneth… Why are we, why was I so afraid of LOVE, when the only thing I was to do was just to open and say “YES, I receive!” I am still in France, amazed and enamored by the kindness and the understanding that are presiding over most of the exchanges I have

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Start spreading the news…

I am preparing to go to France, to visit my father. Going back “home” after deliberately moving to another continent has always evoked some very deep feelings for me… This time even more so, as there is a celebration planned to honor the first anniversary of my mother’s death. Also I am an only child,

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The Miracle of LOVE

I have always loved words. Words, and colors. For a long time, they were my only friends, my playmates, my confidants. They were whom I turned to when I wanted comfort, or needed to renew my faith or my self-esteem. Today, it seems that everything changed. I saw the face of my Beloved, not for what

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On Groundhog Day

Today is Groundhod day, 2/2/16, one of the eight spokes of the yearly wheel of life… Beloved Groundhog, show me how to dare going in to see my shadow, so that I’d stop “doing the same insane thing, expecting different results…” May I have the courage to keep diving in; may we all do and

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To Be or not Tu B’

To be vegan or not to be vegan? A friend asked me the question this morning, on a day which, in the Hebrew calendar, is known as Tu B’Shevat, and celebrates the Birthday of Trees. Tu B’Shevat or not Tu B’Shevat: is that the question? Coinciding with the mid-point between the winter solstice and the

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Young at heART!

I am amazed, truly! About a week ago, I was invited to participate in an experience of authentic relating. The group was evenly distributed: four women, four men, all beautiful people. Yet what was different for me is that I was their grandma’s age! I worked enough on myself to feel right at home, regardless of how different the body looked! And it

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Blessed and Highly Favored

I have this friend… Oftentimes, when asked how he feels, he would say: “ I feel blessed and highly favored.” The amazing thing is that the tone of his voice resonates the same truth – that he authentically feels “blessed and highly favored.” I started asking myself: how can I sustain that feeling? Well, ask

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Hello world, hello WORD!

Hello, world: here I Am! I remember… I once was a blog called “maha’s blog…” Yet I didn’t persevere: not enough oomph… Not knowing what I was here to express or how to express it! So I went into oblivion, and got aborted. I didn’t know then that blogs reincarnate. They just go into a

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