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On Groundhog Day

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Today is Groundhod day, 2/2/16, one of the eight spokes of the yearly wheel of life… Beloved Groundhog, show me how to dare going in to see my shadow, so that I’d stop “doing the same insane thing, expecting different results…” May I have the courage to keep diving in; may we all do and know the grace to transition from being “foolish-falling” to descending as Aleph, the Fool in LOVE. We will then breathe an air thick with angels, and dance with a gravity that salutes the divine of us,.. We will be catching rainbows and glittery raindrops, as we ever and forever recommit to hearing and listening to the “heART” of the One, resonating with awe at having received the Power to trans-Form, harnessing for God and for good the energies of LOVE. Today is Christmas, Thanksgiving, Shabbat — the first day of “my” life. How will I use my time today?


Up or down?

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To Be or not Tu B’

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To be vegan or not to be vegan? A friend asked me the question this morning, on a day which, in the Hebrew calendar, is known as Tu B’Shevat, and celebrates the Birthday of Trees. Tu B’Shevat or not Tu B’Shevat: is that the question? Coinciding with the mid-point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox, Tu B (“to be”) is a time to hug trees, to learn detachment from them, to appreciate and delight in their offerings. A time “to be,” literally! Amazing how Judaism, when understood, can also be felt as a religion of nature, a “GOD/dess” religion… And isn’t that the point: to be one with [my] nature, in other words, to be real, as in created male and female? Today, I celebrate that I am getting better at speaking an honest yes and an honest no. In that, I am like a tree: I say it like it is!

Tu B'

The two Hebrew letters — Teth Vav — read as Tu for “15.”
Tu B’Shevat is “the 15th in the month of Shevat,”
the BD of Trees.

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Young at heART!

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I am amazed, truly! About a week ago, I was invited to participate in an experience of authentic relating. The group was evenly distributed: four women, four men, all beautiful people. Yet what was different for me is that I was their grandma’s age! I worked enough on myself to feel right at home, regardless of how different the body looked! And it makes me wonder…  It took me  a lifetime of dedicated work to feel that I belonged. And here they were, mostly in their mid-twenties, having conversations of a realness and a depth that surprised me, as if they had bypassed a number of stages of evolution that people of my generation had to painstakingly earn. Moreover, various theories of human development concur on seeing that stages cannot be skipped, no matter whether you’re born as the Buddha or as a housewife. So what’s the deal? Is evolution being dramatically speed up, to make up for the dire state of the planet? Their sense of honesty and responsibility is and was endearing! It also brought forth another question for me: in my artist life, I have always seen the relationship of pain to transformation, as if I had agreed to take on and transmute a given amount of darkness through making art. This idea is really not new: it has been felt by writers, painters, musicians, dancers, etc., etc. who put their soul in service of expression, just so that all of us could have compassion (literally, be “with our pain”).

While I accept that a part of our youth can sustain a form of balance and a quality of leadership rarely touched by a generation of severely abused children, how can they bring forth real solutions, be it via art or science, if they haven’t been compelled by their dark side to descend into the abyss — just to see the light?



Free Fallin’
Shadow Work and Fool’s Gold


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Blessed and Highly Favored

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I have this friend… Oftentimes, when asked how he feels, he would say: “ I feel blessed and highly favored.” The amazing thing is that the tone of his voice resonates the same truth – that he authentically feels “blessed and highly favored.” I started asking myself: how can I sustain that feeling? Well, ask and you shall QKabbalah (“receive”). And here is what I heard: “take whatever it is you do to touch the world with beauty – in a word, your “heART.” Paint it, sing it, garden it, run it, dance it, nerd it: it doesn’t matter! Just take the energy that asks to be transmuted and accompany that creation (in this case, not being blessed and highly favored) to another form, more evolved… Happy Moonday, dear Ones!



My, your, our inner child, blessed by the QKosmos

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Hello world, hello WORD!

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Hello, world: here I Am!
I remember… I once was a blog called “maha’s blog…” Yet I didn’t persevere: not enough oomph… Not knowing what I was here to express or how to express it! So I went into oblivion, and got aborted. I didn’t know then that blogs reincarnate. They just go into a place “in-between,” until they have gathered enough volition to resurface again and have a new body. Speaking of which, I like my new body: I am now part of a website called “soulvision.” That’s always been my gig anyway — to give words to the vision of the soul, so that it could be seen and heard! Yep, I am this all-inclusive type of blog: I speak to the visual learner in me, and to the auditory learner at the exact same time! One thing that surprises me today is the body! I know, I know… Just at the time I am resurrecting/reincarnating from a long absence! My point exactly: I am realizing that the true meaning of making sense involves presence… Like really being present, in the body! That is what goddess Shekhinah is supposed to be — the indwelling presence of the divine, when I sense “God” in my body and actually sense my body! Now I understand why I feel like I haven’t lived: I have rarely been present! Like right now, I am sensing a tightness in my right shoulder: that’s amazing to me that “I” could be soooo embodied that I would actually allow myself to be aware of the sensation! Alleluia: centuries of patriarchal indoctrination into not feeling and not sensing (that is, no goddess whatsoever; no sacred feminine) are unraveling: I am so grateful!


Hebrew Letters read Shekhen, the root-verb of Shekhinah.
also means “S/he who says YES,” that is, who is present to what is!


PS. The WORD and, by extension, the WORLD was created in six “days,” since communication is not what is said and done, but the result of what is said and done!