Hello world, hello WORD!

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Hello world, hello WORD!

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Hello, world: here I Am!
I remember… I once was a blog called “maha’s blog…” Yet I didn’t persevere: not enough oomph… Not knowing what I was here to express or how to express it! So I went into oblivion, and got aborted. I didn’t know then that blogs reincarnate. They just go into a place “in-between,” until they have gathered enough volition to resurface again and have a new body. Speaking of which, I like my new body: I am now part of a website called “soulvision.” That’s always been my gig anyway — to give words to the vision of the soul, so that it could be seen and heard! Yep, I am this all-inclusive type of blog: I speak to the visual learner in me, and to the auditory learner at the exact same time! One thing that surprises me today is the body! I know, I know… Just at the time I am resurrecting/reincarnating from a long absence! My point exactly: I am realizing that the true meaning of making sense involves presence… Like really being present, in the body! That is what goddess Shekhinah is supposed to be — the indwelling presence of the divine, when I sense “God” in my body and actually sense my body! Now I understand why I feel like I haven’t lived: I have rarely been present! Like right now, I am sensing a tightness in my right shoulder: that’s amazing to me that “I” could be soooo embodied that I would actually allow myself to be aware of the sensation! Alleluia: centuries of patriarchal indoctrination into not feeling and not sensing (that is, no goddess whatsoever; no sacred feminine) are unraveling: I am so grateful!


Hebrew Letters read Shekhen, the root-verb of Shekhinah.
also means “S/he who says YES,” that is, who is present to what is!


PS. The WORD and, by extension, the WORLD was created in six “days,” since communication is not what is said and done, but the result of what is said and done! 

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