Blessed and Highly Favored

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Blessed and Highly Favored

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I have this friend… Oftentimes, when asked how he feels, he would say: “ I feel blessed and highly favored.” The amazing thing is that the tone of his voice resonates the same truth – that he authentically feels “blessed and highly favored.” I started asking myself: how can I sustain that feeling? Well, ask and you shall QKabbalah (“receive”). And here is what I heard: “take whatever it is you do to touch the world with beauty – in a word, your “heART.” Paint it, sing it, garden it, run it, dance it, nerd it: it doesn’t matter! Just take the energy that asks to be transmuted and accompany that creation (in this case, not being blessed and highly favored) to another form, more evolved… Happy Moonday, dear Ones!



My, your, our inner child, blessed by the QKosmos

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