On Groundhog Day

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On Groundhog Day

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Today is Groundhod day, 2/2/16, one of the eight spokes of the yearly wheel of life… Beloved Groundhog, show me how to dare going in to see my shadow, so that I’d stop “doing the same insane thing, expecting different results…” May I have the courage to keep diving in; may we all do and know the grace to transition from being “foolish-falling” to descending as Aleph, the Fool in LOVE. We will then breathe an air thick with angels, and dance with a gravity that salutes the divine of us,.. We will be catching rainbows and glittery raindrops, as we ever and forever recommit to hearing and listening to the “heART” of the One, resonating with awe at having received the Power to trans-Form, harnessing for God and for good the energies of LOVE. Today is Christmas, Thanksgiving, Shabbat — the first day of “my” life. How will I use my time today?


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