The Miracle of LOVE

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The Miracle of LOVE

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I have always loved words. Words, and colors. For a long time, they were my only friends, my playmates, my confidants. They were whom I turned to when I wanted comfort, or needed to renew my faith or my self-esteem. Today, it seems that everything changed. I saw the face of my Beloved, not for what it could give me, not because I asked what it could do for me, but simply because I opened my heart to the miracle of LOVE. As I received the gift that words and colors had always gave me, I also received you, my brother and sister, in a way that I may never have seen or heard you before, unconditionally, without making a demand on you for anything; just in gratitude for knowing that you are on this planet at this time, and in appreciation to have you as my friend. You are the Beloved, and together, we are One! I understand the words, not only their meaning or etymology, but essentially their sense, as I feel deep within me the lover, who once sung: “my cup overrunneth…” Yes, it overflows with the many blessings that I humbly send in all directions, to you and you and you and you and you, infinitely so…


Formerly, “This too shall pass…”

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