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Servant Leader

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Truly, my cup overrunneth… Why are we, why was I so afraid of LOVE, when the only thing I was to do was just to open and say “YES, I receive!” I am still in France, amazed and enamored by the kindness and the understanding that are presiding over most of the exchanges I have with my father. It surprises me, it delights me, it blows my mind away… which is actually the goal of all spiritual work! It is as if all the wounds, all the pettiness of past grudges – of being resentful because “I” didn’t get enough [fill in the blank] – have disappeared to reveal the absolute perfection of a genealogy that prepared me to do gracefully the beauty I love to do. TS Eliot says it best: “We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” This is THE END, and quite a beginning: I really am meeting my father for the first time, now that my eye is no longer furnished. Speaking of which (furniture), I also came to help him do a major decluttering of all his past lives, especially the one as a husband, since we are about to celebrate the first anniversary of my mother’s death. We lightened up and minimized two bedrooms, a cellar, and a garage. He was such a trooper in this challenging process! Throughout opening a number of boxes, I discovered a poster of him in his mid-thirties, and totally fell in love with his smile. The caption reads: “This man is a future X;” a letter which, in Hebrew, invokes the archetype of Servant Leader: I am amazed, blessed beyond belief, and SO grateful for an heritage that is pure beauty… Wow: this is REALLY a “return to LOVE,” and an honoring of my father, on Earth as it is in Heaven!


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