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Tradition. I can remember a time, when, no matter what I asked, the answer was always: “It is because it’s the Law!” Asking “why” was held to be the epitome of rebelliousness — the most wicked act that a child could commit against an all-loving father… None of the religious stuff made any sense to me. Yet, one thing was made abundantly clear: disobey the Law, and you’ll be severely punished! My response to that kind of senseless and brutal indoctrination was to split; sayonara! When I arrived in the US, I kissed the ground of my newly found freedom and for my newly found freedom! Little did I know that I would open to a gift in painting so sublime that it would have me commit to humility. The best way I knew how was to voluntarily immerse myself in the studies of the Hebrew scriptures: tradition! Time passes. Little by little, I “received” (the meaning of word QKabbalah) the answers to my questions, so much so that the questions disappeared. The vacant place they left is now filled by an undeniable clarity, a surprising sensitivity, and an abiding sense of Peace. I now “grok” what religion is really about: it is a recipe to be inscribed for a good life. Totally awesome! If that wasn’t enough, I get to be happy as in a fish in water: I am at home, in Lyon, France, with my father. He teaches me Torah by telling me about his practice of the Law. I share with him the practical reasons behind his practices… It is so totally cool to be with one another that way: at last, and maybe for the first time ever, there is a listening. R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Totally cool! Did I say: “totally cool?” And that feels as much as LOVE as it ever did! Thank you, “God,” for giving us the gift of the Torah, that is, of the Way, the Law, the Wisdom-Teaching, and, essentially, the Song of LOVE. Moreover, thank you for allowing me/us to “receive” it!


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