Green “heART”

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Green “heART”

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Once upon a time, a little mouse drew something unexpected. “What is it?” asked mother mouse. Little mouse answered: “It is a three-leave clover turning into FOUR. One leaf is for the Father, one for the Son, one for the Holy Ghost…” Clearly, that was a very knowledgeable little mouse… “But,” said the mother (the famous BUTT that changed the FAITH’s history), “yes, but, if you want to represent the trinity, your shamrock should only have three leaves, not FOUR!” “And what about you, mother? Wouldn’t father like to have you around?” answered the little mouse. And it is said that, on this day, the “luck” of little mouse and of her entire family changed entirely. And the more green their grass became, the more they shared their true colors with the world. They lived happily ever after, allowing any limiting BELIEF┬áto be flexible, just from hearing the song of “BE LEAF!”

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