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Today the Moon, wanting to share the gift of her own fullness, whispered in my ear: “A long time ago, out of being Full, I moved Babylonian moon goddess Ishtar to be menstruating. That led to remember the Sabattu as the day of goddess blood, or the 7th “evil day” of Ishtar. However, when  Sumerian evolved into Hebrew, Sabattu for “Heat-rest” became Shabbat, and the people totally forgot about the day of rest that the moon takes when full, for, at that time, I am neither increasing nor decreasing. Tonight may give a chance to remember Sabattu, as tonight may be THE most important Jewish holiday… Called Purim, it is only for the child at heart, as it is about telling the story of freedom, doing carnival by wearing deliberately a mask we choose to take off, and surrendering any judgment of good and bad. What mask will I put to rest, asks Fullness/Foolishness?



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