Foolish? Did you say “foolish?”

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Foolish? Did you say “foolish?”

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Wow: what a Fool’s day that was… It started with getting some bodywork, as I had done something to my back. I explained the therapist where I needed help, and laid down on the table. At some point, he worked on my foot for what felt like forever. During that time, a little war was going on in my head… One voice – this of the boss – was saying: “tell him to work on your back;” the other – this of the pleaser – was answering: “I can’t, it’s just not kind;” talk about ambivalence! It was then that the silence did the speaking. As that was the only sane thing to do, I courageously spoke the truth. Three times, I asked gently yet firmly for what I needed. It was hard, but I did it (now you can understand how this woman on the picture has her mouth covered). The third time, a release like I had never had before occurred. It was like the knife of self-betrayal was taken out of my back. I breathed more freely. I blessed and forgave it all. As it happens, April’s Fool’s Day is called “Poisson d’Avril” in French, for “April’s Fish day.” This is so as students would pin a fish in the back of the one classmate they wanted to ridicule… at the exact same location where my back had been in pain for what feels like an eternity. Today is the release of an Ultimate Fool, who dares freeing the Voice from its exile. I am choosing to trust the guidance of my intuition and of my instinct. Yes, I’m going to go on trusting regardless how many self-betrayals I may experience. There is no “You” to deceive me; I am doing such a great job at it myself! Thus I will trust you, simply because I trust myself as being you. You may say that I am a Fool; that I have no memory and can’t learn from the past! Yet my trust is so becoming so pure that no one – not even me, myself nor I – can corrupt it! Rather than judging you, I choose to see the mirror as the “Me-error,” and just love me when I am with you: how foolish is that?


New Vision


“Poisson d’Avril!”

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