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Needy & Needy

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Today, I am sending you, World, the expression of my deep gratitude as a blessing and a healing force… Yep, expression prevails in “my” experience, whether through colors or words, and more often through both… The thing is: since there is only One of us, what is true for me is likely to be true for you!

There is another thing that has gotten my attention, and this, for what feels like a lifetime: the possibility to be in my body and really experience myself so authentically that I would have to die or expire to who I “think” I am… All those XPR words — expression, experience and expiring — combine in what I know as “the Path of XPR,” a path by which to play at the work of transformation, as children play — unabashedly!

I have nothing to sell; not even my soul! And yet, my need to give the gifts I bear may be as great as your need to receive them.. Moreover, it would be really cool to play with you… Soooo, if you’d like to receive a “personal” invitation, email me!



Hashamayim or “the Heavens”

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