Caduceus, here I come!

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Caduceus, here I come!

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My last post – the part about “my need to give the gifts I bear may be as great as your need to receive them” – created some emotional disturbance. I ask myself: what kind of mental construction forbids me to express a need, let alone, to be aware of it or even have it? I can see that this exact veto (“it’s not polite to ask for what you want”) is the result of the Sacred Feminine being sent into exile: whether man or woman, we’ve gagged our psychic mouth and “can get no … satisfaction!”

Where I first thought that I just wanted to contribute my gifts, I am now seeing something else: the need and necessity of commerce. Commerce is primarily defined as two things: the social dealings between people and the activity of buying and selling. Could it be that’s where my passion is – to be a commerce healer? I do aspire to bridge the gap between the haves and the have-nots: those that have a vision and no money, and those that have money but no soul!

Healer, heal Thyself! I must start in healing my own wounds, which would allow for me to buy myself (be authentic)! I then would know beyond the shadow of a doubt that what I offer does bring value to those who purchase it. When that kind of certainty is in place, any creation – be it an idea, a product or a service – can only shift the buyer and the seller towards more goodness and enrich them both. Ah; the possibility of doing commerce with a conscience is so transformative that it may actually be the last vetoed need!

After all, wasn’t Hermes showing the way by being the god of communication, commerce and healing? If that need were to be “communicated” in such a way that it would be met, would the world experience a decrease in greed and an increase in perfect livelihood? That would seem to me like the end of suffering. These thoughts must be angel thoughts, as they make me very happy… How about you?


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