Twilight:  the first stage of opening to “heART”

Beyond the Stars
1984 :: Dallas, Texas

One day, Tangerine died. Since I had arrived in the US, she had been a faithful tree to me, and provided much comfort. As a good bye, I chose to paint her spirit, and immortalize her beauty, if only in my mind…. As I was placing the finishing touches on the silk, I learned my grand-father had died. A few days after, Tangerine grew a few leaves, and the next day, and the next. A month later, she was the healthiest she had ever been. Could my grand-father’s soul have sparked a new life in Tangerine? Such was the beginning of listening to what could possibly be Beyond the Stars. Definitely, coming from beyond!



“The Amazing Life of Tangerine”
Silk Painting (42″ x 32″)
Private Collection

Full vision of the entire Beyond the Stars exhibit: Here 

Magical Garden
1985 :: Dallas, Texas

I made an appointment with the director of an influential art gallery, and went there with my portfolio, the results of Beyond the Stars (sales and mailing list), and asked to be considered for a one-woman show. Which is when I heard: “how would next spring be with you?” I was beyond myself with joy, and in a bit of a quandary: what was I going to do, now that what had started as a hobby was becoming real? I turned to my heart for guidance. “You studied literature, ancient languages, mythologies. These are the things you love. Let that be the theme of your work. What don’t you begin with a Magical Garden, which would encompass all that a garden is about as well as honor cross-cultural legends…” I dived in that study with passion: Chinese sensibility balanced Victorian understanding. I found magic in a poisonous Belladonna, and conversed with a Biblical mandragora (mandrake, in English). Of course, I was to nurture my creation with water. I even invited a little spider to attend: global awareness was the name of the game! I created an entire environment, including sounds and scents, to welcome inner blossoming…

The first piece made itself known as a big question mark, and called itself “Genesis.” Understand that I was watching this happening through me: I was the first viewer of the Art. Still I would question: would the seed of my creative offering be accepted by the Gods? Spring time came, and the opening of Magical Garden. I will never forget that day: “I had never dreamed you would have that much talent.” said the director. “Neither had I!” I replied.










Silk Painting (3′ x 5′)
Private Collection


“Mandragora Officinarum”
Silk Painting (24″ x 30″)
Private Collection

Full vision of the entire Magical Garden exhibit: Here 

Scriptures n’ Spirits
1985 :: Dallas, Texas

Although I had left France, my birth country, in the spirit of leaving behind everything — my country, my family, my religious beliefs (Judaism), my possessions, my language, the unexpected miracle of Magical Garden led me back to a little synagogue, Beth Torah (“the house of the Teaching”). Yet this time, instead of feeling forced, I was going of my own free will. I walked in on a Friday night, the next day after the opening of my show, which happened to be the exact beginning of Passover. A few curious things happen: first, it was the very first time that I saw men and women sitting together in a house of prayer. I felt like Gulliver travelling through a very different island: where did I land? Who were those people? In my country, women were not allowed to touch the books. Here they could go to the altar, and read. I was besides myself, as the main reason for which I had forsaken my given religion (if I can’t approach the books, I don’t want any of it) was no longer valid. I introduced myself to the rabbi, speaking with the arrogance of youth, and the panache of a French artiste: “my name is Marilyn Louis. I am an uncanny artist, and I am here to learn humility.” Of course, he thought I was a joke: aren’t we all? However, when a month later, I offered an 8′ x 8′ silk tapestry, whose vision of the Ten Commandments was so obviously inspired from beyond, the very words that I had spoken (“I am an uncanny artist, and I am here to learn humility”) now took a different resonance. Rabbi Neil Sandler became my teacher, and gave me the keys to his library. Books on the Kabbalah started coming to me, igniting a passion I was born to serve. I remembered this little 5-year old who would say: “one day, I will write a book with Hebrew in it, and it will create Peace in the world…” The stories I read on the Hebrew alphabet enthralled me. I was home, in my “heART,” for sure! That is how Scriptures n’ Spirits started painting itself.


Ten Laws & 13 Los (Hebrew for “no”)
Silk Painting (8′ x 8′)
Beth Torah’s Collection

Full vision of the entire Scriptures n’ Spirits exhibit: Here 

Midnight as the Second Stage: Here