In the NOW

The Song of LOVE, a forthcoming exhibit…

Can you hear the bells ringing? I fell in love with the magic of the Hebrew alphabet as a child: I saw the letters coming out of the books, and dance at night as if nobody was watching… Hebrew is the one place where I remained a child as I grew up: I never forgot! It thus became the focus of my art. I eventually came to the end of me (or close to it), via the design of the Path of XPR…  And when I did, I could only paint that the most joyous meaning of Torah as “The Song of LOVE.” It is that journey to LOVE, which these pieces are meant to ease, lifting up the burden that oftentimes seems much too real, allowing for the soul to hear and feel its message of trust. Receive each separate piece as a step on the sacred path to Choiceless Awareness — when I know that I am not the body, and not the doer, that is, when I am free to LOVE.


 ♪♫ I’m Free… Free Fallin’
Silk Painting (24″ x 30″)
Available. POR


 ♪♫ Alleluia, Alleluia, a.k.a. On a Fabulous Valenstein Date with Captain Hook.
Silk Tapestry (42”x55”)
Available. POR

Maha Goddess

 ♪♫ it’s such a feALing that my LOVE I can’t hide, I can’t hide, I can’t hide…
Silk Tapestry (5′ x 6.5′)
Available. POR


 ♪♫ The Sounds of Silence
Silk Tapestry (4′ x 6′)
Available. POR


 ♪♫ Lift Up Your Eyes
Silk Tapestry (5′ x 7′)
Private Collection


 ♪♫ New Vision
Silk Tapestry (3′ x 5.5′)
Available. POR