HeART & Soul

The Art of Transmutation

The Art displayed on soulvision.com began with a prayer for healing – a prayer that the wisdom, the knowledge and the understanding I had when “it” painted would extend to the rest of my life: it would be so peaceful to live that way! Although the motion from one Art exhibit to the next seemed random at first, it is now clear that a Divine Plan was guiding my hand in a very precise sequencing, meant to fulfill the liberation from suffering I had once prayed for. As I look back at what has been painted (and see the signs), it appears that this soul’s journey went through the natural stages of alchemy, and espoused the operation of the Sun as a way to turn on the light…


Quantum Jump :: Cyber Art

0. Twilight or the ambivalence of ignorance via Beyond the Stars | Magical Garden | Scriptures & Spirits
1. Midnight or the fated emergence of a message via Noah’s Art | Timing is the Essence | Numbers & Letters
2. Dawn or the appearance of a SOULution via Holy Moons & The Ultimate Rainbow | Hotel Paradise |
3. Noon Sun or the evidence of Spirit via The Physical & The Meta | When Boredom … | Israel is Real | Once Upon a Tree |
4. Sunset or the coming to integrity via Belief /Be Leaf! 00 | 01| 02 | Children at heART |
5. In the NOW or the centering into LOVE via The Path of XPR | The Song of LOVE


Twilight/Wisdom Stone | Midnight/Putrefaction | Dawn/Purification |
Noon Sun/Awakening | Sunset/Transcendence | In the NOW/Inner Discipline

Each “moment” of this natural transmutation process was felt through many exhibits, until the message (“surrender to the heART”) was reasonably embodied. These different stages are presented to you now as a six-fold key, to allow you – if only for an instant – to take a quantum jump into another dimension; this of the Sacred.

Notes: the story behind each stage unfolds on this site. The lines of colors above (a.k.a. XPR’s fractals) are felt in the New Essenes gatherings as a tool of transformation. That technology is radical, as it is based on Sacred Geometry.