Noon Sun

Noon Sun: the fourth stage of opening to “heART”

The Physical & the Meta
1994 :: Dallas, Texas

Hotel Paradise involved the participation of twenty artists and as many volunteers. It required for me to walk into a bank and request a loan, equipped with an actual blueprint of my hotel (drawn out by a friend architect), and a contract offered and duly signed by the Trammell Crow Art Gallery. Remarkably, the bank lent me $10,000. I didn’t know that the experience of Paradise would be so stunning that people would entirely blank out on the fact that the art was for sale. I had even arranged a shop, not unlike the shops that are in museum, where you spend some “time” on your way out… I had tee shirts, posters, cards, jewelry, silk lamp shades, scarves, and silk tapestries gazoo, of course… Yet, my entrepreneurship was to no avail: I was flat broke when I took down the show. I was directed to let go of my fancy art loft, move to the country, pray and fast myself into humility. This is when I heard: “your name is now Mahalene, and your work, is to uncover a global cosmology of awakening, based on Hebrew. It is time for you to begin to write. As I felt I needed was to embody the teaching, I was led to “the Physical and the Meta.”

The edenic garden colored itself again into being, willing to draw down to Earth the pure radiance of Nature. As always, its messianic message was best expressed on silk, a medium of fifth dimensionality. The call went out to the wild: four animals answered, and danced the elements of a sacred circle:

  • Air was invoked by Ixaca, the Owl, positioned at the East, and speaking Air primarily in Egyptian hieroglyphs (Egyptians excel with the aerial knowledge of Pure Mind).
  • Water was invoked by Free Willy, the Dolphin, positioned at the North, and speaking Water primarily in Runes (Vikings adopt the liquid path of least resistance, as does the Soul).
  • Earth was invoked by Humphrey, the Rhino, positioned at the West, and speaking Chinese primarily (Asians know best how to ground the Body).
  • Fire was invoked by Aagun, the Dragon, positioned at the South, and speaking Hebrew primarily (the flame language of Fiery-like heart).



“Green Dragon”
Silk Tapestry (7″ x 5″)
Available. POR












As above and Below reflected the miracle of the One Only Thing, the alchemical knowledge of their rainbow heart would be experientially known, and an endearing space “meta-rialized” enough that it could be sensed physically, beyond any and all illusion of separation. That seemed like a good idea; I don’t know how a whole family of utopia (literally, “no place,” no go!) came to add itself to the group… Talk about not being the doer of the deed, the decider of the decisions!


“Mother Planutopia”
Silk Tapestry (5″ x 3″)
Private Collection

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When Boredom Becomes Exciting…
1997 :: Austin, Texas

I wrote the installment of “Healing the Jewish/Collective Agenda; if it weren’t for Family, Food, Sex and Money, I would do great on Earth!” Something needed to change, and I moved to Austin, TX. More than ever, I realized that, until I woke up, I was a prisoner: that was as simple as that! I thus painted the jail of my fears, the narrow place of mind known in Hebrew as “Egypt.” I was determined to escape. I eventually invited inmates to participate in the show: whether in an actual correction facility or in the belly of the whale, art had become for us a bridge to the inner, where true freedom could be found. The pattern above reappears in various configurations, through out all the pieces. Why? I am bound to be “unsame” on the periphery, while at the center I remain the same. Just placing my attention on that which stays the same, on the Self, is all I need to do…

whoamI        AVATAR

“Who Am I”  next to “Avatar” (same exact thoughts, different identification)
Silk Painting (4′ x 6′)
Available. POR

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Israel IS REAL!
1998 :: Austin, Texas

While Hebrew is one of the first symbolic languages, English must be the last! There is an uncanny marriage between these two, as written in the title “Israel/IS REAL.” It truly has depth, as it tells the story of Jacob who fought and cheated and lied and did all he could to get ahead. He eventually exhausted himself, stop trying to surrender, surrendered and became real (Genesis 32, 25-33). That is when he was renamed “Israel.” Thus Israel is really the name given to anyone who comes to know the center of his/her authenticity.  Jacob became Israel…  To help me on my quest to surrender and feel my pain (the meaning of com-passion), I heard to paint and thus experience each Hebrew letter of I-S-R-AE-L as the universal portrait of a specific identity or set of beliefs I was yet to investigate.


Portrait of Letter Shin (the “S” of Israel), as the identity of Savior and Slave
Silk Tapestry. 4′ x 6′
Private Collection

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Once Upon A Tree…
1999 :: Austin, Texas

It is February: Nature’s life force is gently awakening. The Chinese celebrate the “New Year,” the Jews, “the Birthday of Trees,” or Tu B’Shevat… Once Upon a Tree takes each title of the art present in the exhibit to compose a tale of the Spring of Self. (Green type refers to burgeoning new works, pink blossoms, to former works.) Listen, it has been said before, To Be Tree or not Tu B’, that is the question. In the B-ginning were Two Candles and A Quaternio of Life, who fruitfully multiplied into a Sweet Sixteen. That Initiation came with much Intensi-teeth, leading to the inquiry: Who am I? At last I know in my heart that Israel is Real, that Truth is Nourishing, and quite a Breakthrough… On that night, the Aleph-Bet spelled out beauty and Another way to view life, via the understanding that Trees are Life. Most and foremost, the promise of Turning, transforming and becoming Free, as fish in flowers or Flowering as Lotus à la femme happens through The Eternal Awareness of Shabbat/Rest transmitted by Pink Rabbis, whose sole teaching is Love.



“At Last”
Silk Tapestry. 3′ x 5′
Private Collection

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