Sunset: the quintessence of opening to “heART”

Belief/BE LEAF 2000
An Invitation to explore the mind of Nature and the nature of Mind…

What is it to be an artist? Is it to have mastered a skill? Is it to have a message to deliver? Is it to have a business card that says “Artiste?” Creating pieces of art is a beginning. As I was dedicated to claiming back my spirit, I started to envision moving from objects (paintings, sculptures, poems, etc.) to Self, and uncover into my own being the masterpiece, which lays dormant. On the path of i, inquiring on my beliefs, so that they would BE LEAF, that is, become flexible rather than fixed, I encountered The Work of Byron Katie and Avatar, as practices to be Israel/REAL. I also met a real being, in flesh and bones, who names herself “goddess.” In the fifteen years that we have worked together, me as a mentee, her, in the capacity of an embracing angel, I have never seen her once losing her gratitude nor her childlike joy of being. Although, there was a day, on September 11, where she was deeply saddened by the events that occurred in New York City, where she lives. Being granted unconditional access to someone who is no longer here as an ego, and models the change I wish to see is and has been such a gift! It sustained my devoting myself to the journey of the heART. My efforts were rewarded: I was now commissioned by the City of Austin, under the auspices of the State of Texas, to create spaces where one could inquire on their beliefs, and find how simple it is to surrender to heART!


Belief_invite               Belief_invite2

Indeed, there was a Sun Opening, an a Moon Reception: Art was my yoga — my Sun and my Moon coming to balance. I was going to join the male and female parts of me, no matter what the cost!


Brooms hold a place of honor in the home, as they are union of opposites, male and female, yang to yin. Besides, they can be very efficient in getting rid of stuff, like thought-forms! They make room, as does BK’s work. Its first question is: “is it true? The second, “can I really know that? The third, “how do I react when I think that thought?” The fourth, “who would I be without that thought?” I then learned to turn the whole thing around, e.g.; my mother should understand me” became “I should understand me,” and “I should understand my mother,” especially when she doesn’t seem to understand me. My inner child loved that work. It reminded me of the FOUR questions asked at Passover, that never really made sense to me then. Now they did: they really gave me a way to Passover!

Full vision of the entire Belief/BE LEAF 2000 Installation: Here 

Belief/BE LEAF 2001
An invitation to explore the Nature of relationships: does he love me? Is she “the One?”

One day my prince – or is it my princess – will come, and s/he will meet all my needs, and fulfill all my desires. When unlucky at this game, I turn my beseeched soul mate into a thing, such as the money, the degree, the body, the power that will make my life “PAIRfect!” How long, O LORD, before the frogs I kiss reveal to be royalty? As I delay my good by projecting myself onto “you,” I am confused: I forget that there is no one and no thing out there, that togetherness is a mirage coming from my neediness, my loneliness, my fear of being alone and ALL ONE. I ignore how it enforces the feeling that I am not enough! I don’t want to wake up from the dream of the other: I don’t want to know that it is my response-ability to complete myself and to have me at “hello!”


The other: “Interesting Creation!”
Silk Tapestry (26″ x 36″)
Private Collection


The other: “The KISS of Truth”
Silk Tapestry (7′ x 5′)
Collection of the Artist

Full vision of the entire Belief/BE LEAF 2001 Installation: Here 

Belief/BE LEAF 2002
From Violence Into Peace

The theme “From Violence Into Peace” was dictated by the brutality of 9/11, a brutality mirrored by a mind (mine/ours) that is slave to its desires for love, recognition and approval. Organized around the completeness of a Taichitu, its yang side investigates beliefs to promote insights and transformation, by way of games and artistic visions designed to give another way to look at “it.” Its yin side is an invitation to experience it all, and to easily abandon anything that tempers with the naturalness of the Self. That Self lives in every one of us, free as source, full of joy, and radiant of generosity. Please make yourself at home!



“I Am (Not) an American”
Silk Painting (7′ x 5′)
Available. POR

Full vision of the entire Belief/BE LEAF 2002 Installation: Here 

Children at heART
A Community Endeavor

The purpose of Children at heART is to powerfully inspire the life of the community. We do so by offering new viewpoints, involving children, and using fabric art to create fluid “spaces” to know beauty, simplicity, fun and peace.


Invitation Card


Children’s Art


The Wishing Castle


Music to my Eyes
Silk Tapestry (5′ x 6.5′)
Available. POR

Full vision of the entire Children at heART experience: Here 

In the NOW: Here