Dawn: the third stage of opening to “heART”

Holy Moons
1988 :: Dallas, Texas

At this point of the game, I was no longer wondering what would be next. I came to realize that I’d know soon enough! Sure enough, a couple who had seen the show at Temple Emanuel commissioned me to paint six tapestries for the sanctuary of Tiphereth Israel, the traditional congregation of Dallas! I was elated: this was the largest commission to date: it was the first time I was asked to design so big a project, both in the spatial and spiritual sense. I was also a bit intimidated, when not totally scared. So I hit the books, and let my heART guide me to what I didn’t know I didn’t know… I loved learning that Jews started as pagans, or country dwellers: each holiday either occurs with the full moon or with the new moon. From this connection, the Jewish people is named “the people of the moon…” And it made me wonder: how could a religion that is so grounded in Mother Nature, and so honoring of the Moon principles could be taught as being patriarchal. Parallel to my painting journey, “the Voice” never stopped to tell me about this greater work I was to do — my true mission — to decode Hebrew as a universal language and a nature-tongue that traces a path for the individual and the collective to embody the Law, that is, to join body and soul, wholeheartedly! The Moon was illuminating the fact that this work — to bring the QKabbalah to be actually “received” — was to be done through a woman, to balance the equation…


“The Rainbow People”
Silk Tapestry (8″ x 4″)
Collection of Tiphereth Israel.

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The Ultimate Rainbow
1989 :: Dallas, Texas

Two other people came to see Numbers & Letters. They were both Methodist ministers. One commissioned me to paint Jacob’s story, the other, a prayer shawl. Eventually, the call to be Universal resonated in my heART, and I opened The Ultimate Rainbow, in the winter of 1989, in the Lovers Lane Methodist Church of Dallas. I had requested to be true to the process of birthing the light within — dare I say the “Christ” within — by doing advent, and bringing a new piece of Art to the Church on each of the four Sundays before Christmas. Eventually, a manger of sort was built, to hold the precious piece that would crown the exhibit on Christmas day: “the Ultimate Rainbow.” Just imagine what it meant to send my entire mailing list, which comprised lots and lots of Jewish people, an invitation with a big cross, on which the Torah was crucified… among other “pagan” symbols!



“Ultimate Rainbow”
Silk Painting (32″x 40″)
Private Collection

Hotel Paradise
1990 :: Dallas, Texas

Hotel Paradise saw the blossoming of my heART. Although the addition of lighting, scents, sounds and poetry to my other exhibits would eventually lead me to it, it is where I first offered an installation piece, which invited to viewer to participate. You could no longer stand in front of a painting and decide: “this is Art, this is not Art,” now you were compelled to engage. First you went to a rite of initiation, as you walked through the many silk veils as doors to the infinite. Second you were given fabric shoes to place over your shoes, as the floors were painted. Third, you received a fourfold cosmic gift of a thread of color, glittery raindrops, a pocket matchbox imprinted with the word “enlighted,” and a peacock feather. Now that you had the four elements on your side (earth, water, fire, air), you were ready for Paradise. You were now inside a maze, built around the chambers and subtle centers of the Tree of Life; “delighting the senses, receiving the mind, catalyzing the soul. Hotel Paradise had seven chambers to explore and discover, seven metaphysical steps in the journey of the self. Standing at the entrance, you hesitate whether to go right or left. Follow your heart, for it will guide you to the truth. Silk walls are leading to the unknown, tantalizing in colors, whispering motion… A ball of thread has been handed to you, assuring your way back to reality. Relax and enjoy the gentle breeze of Paradise, hear the sounds, caress the silks, talk to your angel, explore all dimensions: You are now the Creator of your experience!”



“Astarte, Goddess of Heaven and Earth”
Silk Tapestry. 55″ x 55″
Private Collection


“This Camel is Not For Sale”
May it be that when I say to a young woman, ‘Please let down your jar that I may have a drink,’ and she says, ‘Drink, and I’ll water your camels too’–let her be the one you have chosen for your servant Isaac. By this I will know that you have shown kindness to my master.”
Private Collection

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